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The mini French bulldog is also known as the teacup French bulldog is the miniature version of the regular Frenchie. It would interest you to know that French bulldogs are very popular in the US and are amongst one of the world’s most popular dog breeds. It is natural for a Frenchie lover to be curious about a teacup French bulldog.

The day I got to know that there was a mini Frenchie while discussing with a dog breeder, I was shocked and didn’t believe it right on the spot. It wasn’t until my breeder friend brought one for me and the feeling was so incredible. Please it is important to note that the breeder wasn’t involved in the breeding process of the mini Frenchie as it is unethical for them to do so.

Mini French Bulldog
A Mini French Bulldog

Due to the complicated process of “creating” a smaller size of the regular French bulldog, the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the European Kennel Club (EKC) do not recognize the breed. Not just the AKC and EKC but also other breeders associations.

If you are wondering why they are not accepted by these associations, you should know that the process of breeding a teacup Frenchie is not “natural” and a breeder would have to play “god” in order to achieve this. Some breeders would claim that the breeding is “ethical” as opposed to the decision of organizations such as AKC.

We would explain the whole controversial process of breeding these Frenchies below. So keep reading!

Before scrolling, you might be looking for where to buy a mini French Bulldog. Well, we prepared a guide here with a compilation of the best options to help you make the best choice.

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Process of Breeding a Miniature French Bulldog

There are three (3) methods in breeding a miniature Frenchie. They are:

  • Crossbreeding
  • Breeding Runts
  • Genetic Mutation


This is the most common and safest way to breed a teacup French bulldog. All the breeder has to do is find a regular Frenchie and crossbreed it with a smaller & different dog breed, in short, a dwarf dog. It is important to note that the mini Frenchie would inherit features from both parents. These features include temperament and appearance. Some common mixes include the French Bulldog/Yorkshire Terrier Mix and the French Bulldog/Poodle Mix.

Breeding Runts

The smallest animals in a litter are known as runts and what breeders that choose this option try to do is breed runts with one another. Their goal is more long-term as they aiming for these runts to pass their small size to unborn puppies.

This has not stopped people from loving and adopting the mini Frenchies. They are generally loving and fun to play with. You can leave them with kids and have no cause to worry. The major issue with this option is that most runts always have health issues and this can also affect the health of the teacup French bulldog you are trying to breed.

Genetic Mutation

Personally, I am not comfortable with this option. There are many French bulldogs suffering from dwarfism so all you have to do to create the miniature French bulldog is to cultivate the genetic mutation for canine dwarfism. That doesn’t sound safe to me though.

Miniature French Bulldog Health Issues

Trying to play “god” and creating these breeds of Frenchie would create health problems and issues for them. The most common ones include:

Mini French Bulldogs
An Infographic by French Bulldoger
  • Serious breathing issues if they are not properly fed, would be one health issue they would face.
  • Also, due to the fact that they have a short muzzle, it could lead to vomiting or difficulty in breathing or even collapse. This is known as the Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome.
  • Malformed and compressed spinal cord. This could cause a lot of pain for the Frenchie and lead to paralysis.
  • Bowed legs, abnormally shaped skulls, deformed spines, and small bladders
  • Heart and liver-related problems.
  • Brain inflammation.
  • Collapsing due to overheating from too much exercise.
  • Psychosis although it is very rare
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These are health risks that a miniature French bulldog is exposed to and if you intend to get one, you have to be careful with the Frenchie.

Full Grown Teacup French Bulldog Size (Height and Weight)

A typical mini Frenchie weighs four (4) pounds and is between 5 – 7 inches in height. They could literally fit in a teacup.

Teacup French Bulldog Facts

A Teacup French Bulldog

Here are some facts you should probably know about the teacup French bulldog.

  • They are very lovable and are good family pets. You could leave them with children and have nothing to worry about.
  • They have low energy and are considered as “apartment dogs”. They can’t exercise for too long.
  • They usually have a single coat. This can make them withstand cold and harsh weather conditions.
  • In many cases, they die prematurely due to bad breeding practices.
  • They are very well behaved and this makes them a popular choice amongst pet lovers.

FAQs about Mini French Bulldogs

Here are some frequently asked questions about a teacup Frenchie.

Are there miniature French bulldogs?

Yes, they exist.

Are mini French bulldogs good pets?

Yes, they are given that you or the pet owner(s) look after them very well. If they don’t get enough attention and care, they will begin guarding.

How big do Mini Frenchies get?

A miniature French bulldog could weigh 4/5 pounds in weight and seven inches in height.

How much do Teacup French bulldogs cost?

The starting price could be anywhere from $1,500 – $2,000 and it could go as high as almost $10,000 or more than that.

How much are mini French bulldog puppies?

$2,000, but on a higher-end you should have at least $5,000 to get a puppy.

Miniature French Bulldogs vs French Bulldogs

  • The first major difference between these Frenchies is their size. The average mini Frenchie weighs 4 pounds and 7/8 inches in height. The regular French bulldog weighs 16 to 28 pounds and is usually 11 inches tall.
  • A miniature Frenchie is well behaved than the regular Frenchie.
  • The regular French bulldog takes a whole less effort to groom than the mini French bulldog.
  • The mini French bulldog faces more health issues than the standard Frenchie. Thus, the standard Frenchie is healthier.
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Mini French Bulldog Images

Please note that the views on the breeding process of a Mini French Bulldog belong to the author.

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