What is the Difference Between a Frenchie Dog and a French Bulldog?

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Frenchie Dog

The Frenchie dog is not just one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, but it is equally a top choice in other parts of the world in places such as Canada and the United Kingdom. The AKC website is listed as the second most popular breed in the US as of 2021.

Their popularity can be attributed to their upbeat personality, friendly nature, and exceptional appearance. They are a natural breed with a distinctive coat and a distinctive muzzle.

The French Bulldog was developed from the Old World Bulldog by selective breeding. They are among the rarest dog breeds in the world, and as a result, they are also among the most expensive breeds to buy.

Despite these challenges Frenchies face, they, as a dog breed, remain one of the most well-known dog breeds in the world as they are easily recognizable. French bulldogs are brilliant, easy to train, and make excellent companions. They are also loyal to their owners.

Frenchie Dog

People who own a Frenchie dog will often describe them as being like children because of the intelligence and affection of the Frenchie; this is an affectionate dog breed that can make excellent family pets.

The Frenchie is a perfect choice for people who want a friendly, loyal dog that is also very responsive to its owners.

Differences between a Frenchie Dog and the French Bulldog

A Frenchie is the same as a French bulldog. There is no difference between both, except the “terms” are usually used interchangeably. A french bulldog can be called a Frenchie or a Frenchie dog, but everyone is referring to the same breed.

French Bulldog Overview

NameFrench Bulldog
Other NamesFrenchie
Frenchie Dog
GroupNon Sporting Group
Average Height11 to 13 inches
Average Weight10 to 28 pounds
Average Lifespan10 to 12 years
Brindle & White
Fawn Brindle & White
Fawn & White
White & Fawn
White & Brindle
Family FriendlyYes
AKC RecognizedYes
Average Price$500 - $3,500

Is a French Bulldog a good house dog?

Yes, the French Bulldog is a good house dog. One of the reasons for their popularity as house pets is that they don’t need much exercise, making them ideal pets in small apartments but large enough for them to play or run around.

Frenchies are also very affectionate and gentle, making them perfect for families, especially those with children. French Bulldogs are lovely pets at home because they are energetic and friendly. They love playing with their owners and sleeping on their beds with them.

French Bulldogs will also follow their owners around the house without fail, which makes them great pets to have when you’re entertaining guests or having dinner parties at home.

The French Bulldog is a wonderful family pet, and they’re perfect companions for people who lead busy lives because they don’t require much exercise.

Are French Bulldogs Lazy?

French Bulldogs are not lazy dogs, although they have a considerable reputation for being “lazy.” They are known for lounging around and not always getting up when people come over to greet them.

Many Frenchie owners will tell you that they are still very active & playful dogs. The laziness stereotype is wrong because these dogs were primarily bred by humans who wanted them to be smaller and quieter than their parents.

They have loads of energy and will do anything for food. Despite what some people might say, Frenchies don’t need much exercise. If you want your dog to be healthy and happy, it’s essential to ensure they get plenty of love and attention.

If you have extra time, then there is no reason you can’t exercise with him or give him a good run around your yard now and then. The key is to balance work and play, so your dog doesn’t feel neglected.

Why You Should Buy a Frenchie Dog

There are different reasons why you should buy a Frenchie, and some of these reasons include the following:

  • Choice
  • Personality
  • Family Friendly
  • Easy Training


The Frenchie might be your preferred dog choice, and you should always go for it if you are interested. You should know that there are different types, including the blackblack and whitebrindle, or merle French bulldog.

Whichever you choose, always read up about them. It would help you better understand the breed you are interested in. Although they might all be the same in many areas, they are usually slightly different starting from their breeding process.


They are one of the most well-behaved dog breeds, a significant selling point. Frenchies are not as aggressive as many other dog breeds, although there is always a tendency for them to grow more aggressive and stubborn. You can avoid this easily if you give them attention and care.

The behavioral features that make them desirable include being intelligent, well-mannered, affectionate, playful, lively, and very friendly.

Family Friendly

Last year, the French Bulldoger team ran a poll asking Facebook French Bulldog owners if they thought the Frenchie dog was a good family pet. Well, 95.5% of actual Frenchie owners said yes, they are a good family pet, while 0.5% said they are not sure, and 0% with no. 

They are suitable for strangers and kids, and you don’t have to worry about leaving the dog(s) with your kids to play. You’d need to manage your time with the dog and your kids. Of course, no one is asking you to prioritize your dog over your kids.

Easy Training

When it comes to training a Frenchie, it is not so hard, and we are creating an eBook to help French Bulldog owners with their French Bulldogs. You can join the waitlist and be eligible for a 30% massive discount here.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Frenchie Dog

Black French Bulldog

It is essential to consider the amount of responsibility you are willing to take on before getting a Frenchie dog. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t get one.

  • Cost
  • Breeding Process
  • Time and Attention
  • Size


The French bulldog breed is reasonably expensive to buy from a breeder. Some breeds, such as the merle French bulldog, are not even recognized by the AKC. These types of Frenchies are considered unethical because of the breeding process. We shed more light on it in the following section.

Due to this breeding process, it is hard to find a very cheap French bulldog, especially if the AKC doesn’t recognize the breed. These French Bulldog breeds can cost anywhere between $3500 to as high as $30,000, depending on the breeder.

Any French bulldog breed recognized by the AKC is cheaper and easier to find amongst breeders and could be as low as $800 to as high as $5000.

The maintenance cost of a Frenchie isn’t on the high side as they are like any other dog, and the cost usually remains the same. The prices can vary depending on your location (and if you have insurance). You should ensure pet insurance as bills can quickly stack up if your Frenchie has any medical emergency.

Breeding Process

Experienced breeders should only do the breeding process of any breed of French bulldogs. You should check if such a breeder is registered with the AKC or any reputable dog club. Doing this should be first on your list of things to do when trying to find out the legitimacy of a breeder.

There are French bulldog breeds not recognized by the AKC, although recognized by the CKC. These breeds require careful and proper breeding.

If not, the dog would later have severe health problems, which would be a source of worry for the owner. Not just that, but it can also be a financial burden on you.

Time and Attention

They also require more care than other French Bulldog breeds of dogs. While they can be very friendly and loyal, they need a lot of time and attention.

Frenchies can also spend time with other dogs to stay healthy and happy. This can tremendously help with their social interaction. They would need to go on frequent walks and playtime with other dogs, which means you will need access to dog parks or the ability to walk your dog around town often.

The Frenchie does not do well alone for long periods because it will become bored and lonely without companionship from other dogs or humans.

This can easily make them aggressive with humans and even other dogs. If you are the type to spend so much time away from your dog, you are not advised to buy a French bulldog.

For dog owners with multiple dogs/pets, if you spend more time with one pet ignoring the Frenchie, the latter can get jealous and start acting out. This could potentially harm your relationship with the dog.


Another point to consider is their size. The Frenchie is a very small dog. Given its size, Frenchies need a lot of space to play. If you live in a tiny apartment or condo and can’t make space, you shouldn’t consider getting the French Bulldog. If you still want one, you should consider getting a miniature Frenchie, as they are usually smaller than the average French Bulldog.

Average Frenchie Price in 2023

The cost of a Frenchie differs according to country, state (the US only), breeders, and type of Frenchie in question. In high-income states such as Maryland, the price of a new french bulldog might be higher.

We say $800 to $30,000, so no ridiculous price would shock many. To limit the cost, you are advised to select more common breeds, as scarcity usually drives up the price.

If you are in the UK, you can expect to pay between £1,000 and £5,000 for a puppy. All of this would depend on the breed you want and how rare it is.

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