Brindle and White French Bulldog Price and Images

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Many people are confused when it comes to the Brindle and White French Bulldog. At first, it might seem confusing with many people calling another type of Frenchie a brindle and white Frenchie.

The most common mixup is the fawn and brindle Frenchie, with the brindle and white French Bulldog. This is because brindles do have a fawn base but with brindle markings. It is these markings that distinguish them from a fawn French Bulldog.

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Brindle and White French Bulldog

While there are many types of Frenchies, some are not approved by the American Kennel Club, but the brindle and white French Bulldog is a standard color approved by the AKC. You can read all the colors here, approved by the AKC.

What is a Brindle and White French bulldog?

Their coats are usually cream-ish or white in some cases with dark markings, making them brindle. They would have a white coat like most Frenchies in their chest area.

What does brindle mean in French Bulldogs?

The brindle in French Bulldogs means a fawn/cream-ish coat with dark markings. That is what we call a brindle French bulldog.

What is the rarest color of a French Bulldog?

The blue merle French Bulldog is the rarest French Bulldog.

How much is a Brindle French Bulldog worth?

On average, a brindle is worth $3,000 in the market.

Brindle and White French Bulldog Price

Getting a brindle and white Frenchie isn’t an easy task, but still possible. It would cost you between $2,000 – $4,000 to get one.


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