What you should know about Black French Bulldogs

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Black French Bulldog

Frenchies come in various colors, but the black French bulldogs are some of my favorites. I know we shouldn’t play favorites, but I can’t help it.

Any Frenchie breeder would tell you how rare a pure black French bulldog is and this makes it one expensive Frenchie. You can check the price of a black Frenchie here.

They are one of the rarest types of Frenchies. They are amongst the most sought-after kinds of Frenchies in the US. This is despite all the common health issues, they usually have.

A black Frenchie is a very beautiful type of Frenchie, and the pure black color makes it look like a powerful dog. The color also gives it a certain uniqueness that sets it apart from any other dog you might bump into.

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Black French Bulldog Overview

NameBlack French Bulldog
Other NamesBlack Frenchie
Average Height11 to 13 inches
Average Weight12 to 30 pounds
Average Lifespan12 years
AKC RecognizedNo
Average Price$1,500 - $4,000

Black French Bulldog Origin

Like every other Frenchie, they all originated from England in the 19th century, and Frenchies were much more different than they look today. Over the years, breeders played around with genetics which gave rise to different types of French Bulldogs.

We can’t say exactly when black Frenchies first appeared in the United States. Still, they are really popular amongst dog lovers even though they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA).

How Do Black French Bulldogs Look Like?

Here are some images of Black Frenchies we found on the internet. Please note that we have no rights over some of these images as they were picked randomly from the internet.

As you can see from the images above, black Frenchies are easy to identify, and this is obviously through the color of their coat which is all black. They have a round face, a black coat, and short arms/legs. At times, they are usually mixed up with pugs.

Are Black French Bulldogs Rare?

Although they are not the rarest breeds out there, black French bulldogs are rare. If you ever see one, they might be quite expensive. 

Black French Bulldogs Names

Here are some names you can use for black Frenchie. They are arranged in no particular order.

Male Black Frenchie Names

Female Black Frenchie Names

Unisex Black Frenchie Names

Cole Ashley Kuro
Panther Ebony Mondo
Blackie Stella Nighthawk
Knight Leila Soot
Nelson Luna Opal
Max Swan Noir
Mac Arya Moon
Milo Astra Pluto
Bandit Storm Eclipse
Nash Stormy Night
Oso Stormie Crow
Phantom Oreo Nisha
Hank Poppy Puma
Seal Cleo Tar
Shade Deva Teddy
Raven Amaya Raven
Steel Ash Goth
Jon Ember Midnight
Jaguar Pearl Dusk
Porter Bella Cola
Jet Lexie Dart

Black French Bulldog Price

The average price of a French bulldog puppy in the United States starts from $1,500. The price depends on varieties of features, including the color.

When getting yourself a black French bulldog puppy in the United States, be ready to spend anywhere between $2,500 to $4,000. Yes, it could be much lower, but you should have a more flexible budget to have better choices. 

A black French bulldog price (either puppy or senior) would start from $2,000 upwards, but it shouldn’t be up to $5,000, but of course, there is no fixed price. The price always depends on the breeder or the store selling the dog.

If that’s too expensive for you, consider adopting one. It might take a while to find the exact color of the Frenchie, but typically, you would pay less than $1,000 for a rescue puppy/senior Frenchie.

In the UK, you can expect to start paying anywhere from £1,000 to as much as over £2,000 for a black Frenchie.

Do Black French Bulldogs have Health Problems?

Yes, they have health problems, and I am talking about all Black French Bulldogs. Out of all types of Frenchies, the black French Bulldog has the worst health problems, and the sole reason is a result of the dominant black gene found in them.

One of the most common health issues they do have later on is deafness and eye problems. Some do later have skin issues also, so if you are considering buying a black Frenchie just because it looks fancy. You should re-evaluate your decision.

Nevertheless, some of their health issues are not associated with their gene but are just common health issues all French Bulldogs are prone to.


The Black French Bulldog is a great choice, and personally, as a dog lover (especially the Frenchie breed), I would pick a black Frenchie, of course. 

For me, this color breed of french bulldogs displays the sophistication absent in other colored Frenchies. Others may disagree with my opinion, but everything depends on personal preference.

Many people might want something else and prefer something cuter. I understand this isn’t a Doberman Pinscher, as many dog lovers with my taste would edge towards this kind of dog breed. 

If you are looking for something small, black french bulldogs are a good pick also, and you should consider them.

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I am an avid pet lover and a writer at French Bulldoger from Ohio, USA. As a Frenchie owner myself, I share my knowledge about dogs especially Frenchies with the world.

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