The Black and White French Bulldog Guide

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Black and White French Bulldog

If you are interested in Black and White French Bulldogs, you might want to look at our article on Black Frenchies here. It is more common to see a Black and white Frenchie than a merle Frenchie or some other rare types of French bulldogs.

The black & white Frenchie is also known as a piebald. A piebald, according to Wikipedia, “is an animal that has a pattern of unpigmented spots on a pigmented background of hair, feathers or scales.”

Black and White Frenchie

These Frenchies are just like any other regular Frenchie. The only difference is the color. They are usually black fur and white markings also vice versa. Their temperament, needs, and features are just like the same as a merle, pure black Frenchie, and others.

FAQs about Black and White Frenchies

Here are some frequently asked questions about black and white Frenchies

What are black and white French bulldogs called?

They are called Pied French Bulldogs.

How much is a black and white French bulldog?

A black and white Frenchie’s price ranges from $2,000 to $3,500.

Is there a black and white French bulldog?

Yes, there is.

Black and White Frenchies Names

Male Black and White Frenchie Names

Female Black and White Frenchie Names

Unisex Black and White Frenchie Names

Ace Bella Snoopy
Chester Candy Mickey
Milo Coco Pongo
Sylvester Luna Panda
Rocky Eve Tar
Chester Star Sooty
Charlie Ariel Sporty
Panther Hayley Sparrow
Jack Diamond Midnight
Dominic Zara Pluto
Elvis Sky June
Bandit Star Jupiter
Felix Cherry Stripes
Hawk Night Checkers
Tan Storm Freckles
Jet Star Spot
Coda Oreo Mittens


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